Interventional Pain Management

A conservative, non-surgical approach to providing medical care that alleviates or reduces pain. Specializing in utilizing regenerative medicine for the treatment of pain. When pain occurs, no matter the circumstances, it is essential for the physician to consider the immediate and long-term effects to the patient’s quality of life. Our approach to pain is conservative therapy and intervention when warranted. As experts in treating various painful conditions of the body, Texas Regional Physicians feel that life without pain is possible.


Our team at Texas Regional Physicians can assist you with identifying and diagnosing the cause of your pain.


Our treatments include:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) surgical procedures
  • Microdisectomy and Laminectomy
  • Total Disc arthroplasty
  • Thoracic, Lumbar and Cervical Fusions
  • MIS Spinal cord stimulator placement for chronic pain
  • Spinal Deformity and Scoliosis Correction
  • Biopsy and Treatment of Vertebral Tumors
  • Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty/ Sacroplasties
Back Pain
Elbow Pain

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